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Pfiffner Deutschland GmbH, Itzehoe

Dr Hans-Jürgen Voss, Managing Director

“The transducer industrial sector involves electricity, high voltage and current flows. We develop innovative products for this purpose, the technical efficiency of which is of essential importance for power transmission and distribution during this important period of energy transition. At the same time, as a subsidiary of a Swiss conglomerate, operational safety, reliability and precision are prerequisites for our business actions. egeb:Wirtschaftsförderung was of great help to us while deciding upon a production location in Germany by means of conducting preliminary work, establishing contacts to cooperation and financing partners and even regarding our present neighbours. The time between opting for the location and acquiring the building permit in Itzehoe was merely five months. egeb:Wirtschaftsförderung also saw to obtaining expert reports and seeing to an initial accommodation in the IZET Innovation Centre in Itzehoe, from which we could see our construction site. For this, we would like to thank everyone involved.”

Contact: Tel. +49 4821-4082710, hans-juergen.voss(at)pfiffner-messwandler.de, www.pfiffner-messwandler.de

TC-Hydraulik GmbH, Heide

Ulf Torben Jörgensen and Kurt Günter Jörgensen, Managing Directors

“Our service technicians have been making sure that production runs smoothly 24/7 in the aviation industry, in railway vehicle technology, in power plants as well as in the building industry since the company’s foundation in 1985. Today, TC-Hydraulik GmbH is one of the most productive companies in Northern Germany with a qualified team of 60 technicians, engineers and business people. We can provide our industrial customers a full range of services from a single source thanks to the depth of our hose line production as well as cylinder and equipment construction, but also due to our own electrical and automation department. The success is clearly visible. All signs point towards our company’s expansion.  egeb:Wirtschaftsförderung  supported us in finding suitable real estate for the expansion of our premises. No matter what we’re planning, it’s good to know, that egeb: Wirtschaftsförderung supports us with competent contact persons and innovators who are there for us when it really counts!”

Contact: Tel +49 481-9090, k.joergensen(at)tc-hydraulik.de, www.tc-hydraulik.de

Solarreinigung + Service Nord, Meldorf

Matthias Dührsen, entrepreneur

“Business start-ups form the basis of the future business community. Consequently, those who make effective preparations for self-employment will lay sound and vital foundations. Acting as the responsible body of the Take Off: Business Start-Up project,  egeb:Wirtschaftsförderung  qualifies and supports new entrepreneurs on their path to self-sufficiency. That is how I took the plunge into self-employment with my company “Solarreinigung + Service Nord” in May 2011. In doing so, as a specialist company I specialised in the maintenance of photovoltaic systems on a long-term basis by means of consistent ecological cleaning and maintenance. The practical start-up camp in the Centre for Applied Technologies (CAT) in Meldorf and the personal consulting services provided by  egeb: Wirtschaftsförderung gave me the necessary security and they accompanied me in an ideal manner on my journey. To this day I still make use of the benefits of the joint office in the Start-up and Technology Centre. Particularly as a sole proprietor, it is good to know that there is someone there at all times who will help you out.”

Contact: Tel. +49-160-98494208, duehrsen(at)srsnord.de, www.srsnord.de

Großmann Kunststofftechnik GmbH, Lunden

Wolfgang Großmann and Robert Großmann, Managing Directors

“The processing of fibre-glass reinforced plastics in large component production is our company’s core competency. At the same time, we are currently benefiting in particular from the expansion of wind energy because we produce turbine houses and system components for large-scale wind power stations. Our success results from meeting the highest quality standards and a high degree of reliability. egeb: Wirtschaftsförderung has been a reliable partner to us for many years now, granting us access to regional cooperation networks, knowledge of funding and approval processes, and even qualification consulting services. In 2011 we received funding from the IB Bank from the Zukunftsprogramm “Wirtschaft” (Business Development Programme) in order to expand our production. egeb: Wirtschaftsförderung also introduced us to possible business partners, and in doing so continues with a great tradition - in the 90s we were a member of the “Technology in Dithmarschen” work group established by egeb:Wirtschaftsförderung. This helped us to gain an economic foothold in Dithmarschen as well.”

Contact: Tel. +49-4882-5555, wolfgang.grossmann(at)grossmanngfk.de, www.grossmanngfk.de