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Road construction B5

The federal road B5 connects Denmark and Hamburg via the federal motorway A 23 in the area of ​​the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein and connects the economic area Brunsbüttel with the ChemCoast Park to the overregional transport network. The B5 has a high share of work and transit traffic. This connection is particularly important for economic transport in the region.


On the basis of the road map for a traffic development concept for the road connection of the Brunsbüttel economic area from 2003, representatives from companies, the districts of Dithmarschen and Steinburg, the city of Brunsbüttel, the Kiel Ministry of Transport and the then regional authority for road construction and road traffic under regional coordination of the Entwicklungsgesellschaft Brunsbüttel mbH worked to an expansion of the B5, which in 2007 resulted in the decision of the Federal Ministry of Transport on a three-stage expansion between Itzehoe and Wilster. On the 8th of July the groundbreaking began with the expansion of this section of the track.


A working group with representatives of companies and authorities is already working on the current planning and forecasting phase with solutions on how traffic management can best be solved during construction work. The Entwicklungsgesellschaft Brunsbüttel mbH took over the information on the expansion in consultation with the state enterprise road construction and transport Schleswig-Holstein (LBV-SH) and is available as contact for companies in particular. On the following pages you will find information about building sites and contacts.