Industrial energy
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Industrial energy

The specific characteristics of the energy revolution on the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein and the Lower Elbe pose new and modified requirements for the businesses and site locations of general industry, the manufacturing industry and energy production in the region. The acceleration of the energy revolution due to the increasing supply of renewable energy sources represents an opportunity for getting to grips climate change.

In line with the Regional Management Industrial Energy project, we provide information on support measures and advice on all questions relating to increasing energy efficiency.

Within the framework of the Industrial Energy project, the egeb is collaborating on the NEW 4.0 project.

For this unique project initiative, the economic, scientific and political sectors have joined forces in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein under this heading. “NEW” stands for Norddeutsche EnergieWende, or North German Energy Revolution, and “4.0” describes the current position on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution: the digitalisation of industry, which also plays an ever more important role as part of the energy revolution thanks to intelligently networked systems. NEW 4.0 wants to implement a sustainable energy supply in a transnational large-scale project and in doing so, strengthen the region’s sustainability. In order to make a decisive impact on the energy revolution in the north, more than 50 partners in the region are combining all the necessary expertise and potential solutions.

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